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Handmade. Custom. Unique.

January Remingtonn does more than make sophisticated hats + highly scented candles.

We make Statements.

We hand craft fresh, personal pieces of head fashion

And pour striking collections of emotion-provoking light + scent.

We bind passion + care with every stitch

And spill years of love into every jar.

We fuse the old + the new,

The traditional + the modernistic,

The archaic + the prosaic

We shed light on the path ahead with the flame of yesterday’s discovery.

Yes. We make Statements.

Your Statements.

The Customer.

Our customers need quality things + seek them out.

They do not settle for the commoditized norm.

Instead, they crave to be treated, not as commodities, but as unique humans,

And require that their clothing + home reflect their individuality.

Is this you?

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Our collection of essential oil candles | Ceramics by Kyle Smith Pottery


Local Artists + Us.

We love local artists + their creations.

That’s why we’ve started working with creators from South Carolina to make one-of-a-kind pieces of working art.

Support them through us or directly and help SC art thrive.


KYLE SMITH POTTERY – columbia, sc

view collection

CROOMERART – columbia, sc

collection coming soon